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Mexico is a huge country that has extensive coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean sides of the country.

Scuba diving and tourist areas in Mexico go hand in hand; most if not all of the resort towns that line Mexico's coast have one or more scuba diving shop.



In general, they say scuba diving in Mexico is “the best along theRiviera Maya and Costa Maya coastal areas”, where the Yucatan Peninsula meets the quiet, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The blue, warm, clear waters of the Caribbean are truly hard to beat and offer paradise conditions for beginners and advanced scuba divers alike.


The pinnacle of scuba diving in Mexico is probably the remote, hard to get to and protectedBancoChinchorro。This coral atoll is off the coast of Costa Maya not far from the border between Belize and Mexico.

The scuba diving on the atoll is pristine and offers high visibility and diverse healthy marine life and reef.


BancoChinchorro is one of four coral ref atolls in the western hemisphere; the other three atolls are just to the south of Banco Chinchorro in the waters of Belize. The atoll is heavily protected and guarded by the Mexican government. Although there are wrecks around, scuba diving on the wrecks is limited by the government due to theft and shallow, dangerous currents. On lucky occasions, some of the mainland dive shops along Costa Maya or even some dive shops, which launch from the Cancun and Playa del Carmen area, provide the rare opportunity to dive this pristine wonder. If you get a chance, and have the stomach for high seas do not forget about Banco Chinchorro.

坎昆&playa del Carmen

Most of the scuba diving in Mexico's Caribbean coast happens off shore from坎昆和剧集德尔卡曼他们附近的伊斯兰穆杰雷斯和科苏梅尔的附近岛屿。当您将美丽和铺设的海滨玛雅人铺设了豪华的风和水域,加上附近的丛林中的惊人玛雅遗址,你不会失望。


Gulf of Mexico

Up along theGulf coast of Mexico,大多数潜水和潜水商店从Veracruz的州和Ve新金沙线上racruz港口的北或南部近海。在港口到南部的小渔镇安顿·伦敦是踏上潜水之旅的一个很好的地方,以探索韦克鲁克礁系统作为珊瑚礁平台。新金沙线上

Pacific Ocean Coast

Looking to thePacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Cortez, you will find many famous and established tourist towns like Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Acapulco. While the Pacific Ocean is a gorgeous, deep, dark blue, the waters are stronger and colder than the Caribbean and do not offer the inviting waters of the Caribbean. You can easily arrange scuba diving trips via boats that bring you out a bit offshore to get away from the current. There, the islands known as Islas Marias, off Puerto Vallarta, offer a unique scuba diving experience.

Sailfish Encounter


前往Baja Peninsula的遥控器和沙漠环境为大多数游客带来了Baja的尖端,称为Cabo。在Cabo镇,圣卢卡斯有潜水和浮潜商店,安排乘船游览探索Cabo的海底世界,并且在新金沙线上皮质侧的海上,La Paz的首都。当你离开La Paz时,潜水旅行可以快速让您到该地区的许多散落新金沙线上,小礁石地带。基本上,太平洋海岸墨西新金沙线上哥的水肺潜水更多,对于经验丰富的潜水潜水员来说,通常需要湿衣服,甚至是由于水温较低的湿衣服。新金沙线上然而,加勒比潜水很少新金沙线上需要不仅仅是泳衣。

Part 2: Dive Sites, Marine Life & Environment in Mexico

Yucatan Riviera Maya & Cancun

The marine life in Mexico's Caribbean Sea along theYucatan's Riviera Maya and Cancunarea is famous for being colorful. There are famous dive sites such as the now famous坎昆Underwater Museumwhere you can swim with nurse shark, dolphins, sea turtles and many reef fish, among the artificial reef art scattered to make an underwater landscape. The statues provide a medium for coral growth and hiding homes for moray eels and reef fish such as damselfish.

Barbie Cave

Two other famous technical dive sites that lie between the resorts of Cancun and near the island ofIsla Mujeres被称为El Tunelandcuevas de afuera。These deep dive sites offer a challenge to advanced scuba divers and the visibility at least dive sites are reliably clear. It is common to see hammerhead sharks cruising these dive sites.

Gulf of Mexico

Along Mexico's Gulf coast lies the port of Veracruz and off that shore lies several amazing and healthy coral reef platforms perfect for scuba diving. While the port is busy and polluted, the reef has survived, and the greenish blue warm waters of the gulf give a surprising, amazing diving experience with high visibility. Check out the two wreck dive sites on either end of the beautiful Anegada reef. The玛丽亚艾琳娜wreck is found on the northern end of the reef, and the wreck known as El Rielero is on the southern end of Anegada.

Cenote Diving

On the southern rim of Puerto Vallarta's Banderas Bay are the dive sites near the shore known asLos Arcos,MajahuitasandEl Chimo。There are many dive sites in the bay as well as to the north and south of the Puerto Vallarta area. Many of the resorts in the area offer instruction from their pools and form cooperative tours with local dive shops and scuba diving instructors so they can offer their guests first class scuba diving opportunities during their stay.

There are scuba dive sites established and yet unexplored along most of Mexico's huge Pacific, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico coasts.

No wonder Jacques Cousteau fell in love with Mexico and spent so much time exploring Mexico's underwater treasures.

Part 3: Dive Shops, Airports & Logistics of Diving in Mexico

Getting Around

墨西哥的许多旅游沿海城镇都拥有自己的国际高交通机场。许多来自美国和墨西哥城的城市的许多直飞航班迅速为您提供湿湿的地方。墨西哥的国际机场被称为Internacional Benito Juarez(Mex)是一个伟大但历史上令人惊叹的墨西哥城的伟大发射点。从那里,从墨西哥城市(CAN),Vallarta的Licenciado GustavoDídídídídíaziardial国际机场(PVR)或前往Cabo的服务通过Los Cabos国际机场(SJD)。

您还可以在墨西哥城飞往墨西哥的遥远和较小的沿海村庄等较小的机场。如果您从美国到墨西哥旅行,请直接航班或通过来自加州洛杉矶国际(LAX)的墨西哥城市以及其他主要城市的墨西哥州德克萨斯州的几个主要城市。距离美国西部地区的加勒比海或波多黎各港(Puerto Vallarta或Cabo)安排直接飞往坎昆的直飞。这些直飞美国的航班可以非常合理地定价,而飞行时间只有六个小时才能走向天堂。

Fang Ming

The Four Main Diving Areas

The most prominent regions for scuba diving in Mexico lie along its coasts. There are the clear green waters of theGulf of Mexicoaround Veracruz, the pristine Caribbean waters off the eastern shores of theYucatan Peninsula, the historic resort cities and beach towns alongMexico's Pacific coastand theBaja半岛and its party town of Cabo at its tip.

Gulf of Mexico ~ Veracruz

The platform reefs found out in the port of Veracruz can be accessed by boat through local dive shops such as the prominent Veracruz dive shopScubaver。查看Veracruz市不远的安东丽佐的小渔镇。

In Anton Lizardo, find theSobuca Dive Shopand arrange a trip out to the many reefs scattered offshore.

关于Veracruz周围的墨西哥湾海岸的伟大事件是它仍然是一个隐藏的宝藏,尚未成为坎昆,Cabo和Acapulco地区的Ultra Touristy,度假村的墨西哥海岸线。大度假村和华丽的地方很棒,但Veracruz的真实感觉是独一无二的,海湾微风和水域非常温暖和诱人。

Out of the Blue

There are many dive shops and private boats for hire in the Puerto Vallarta area. Inquire about the day trips that the dive shops known asVallarta UnderSeaorVallarta Adventuresare offering. If you shop around you will most likely find a perfect day trip to local dive sites in and around Puerto Vallarta's Banderas Bay.


If you are planning an adventure to the rocky shores of the Baja Peninsula there are some established dive sites off the tip of the peninsula around the town of Cabo San Lucas. You can easily arrange a snorkel or scuba diving trip from the many boat captains and dive shops that operate from the marina at Cabo. Investigate what the dive shopCabo Eagle Divers必须提供您正在访问的一周,并务必查看Cabo的最古老的潜水店新金沙线上Amigos Del Mar

Riviera Maya & Cancun

Last -but by no means least- are the dive shops that provide access to Mexico's most famous scuba diving coast, the里维埃拉玛雅和坎昆的地区。Two prominent dive shops in Cancun's hotel zone areNautilus Diving and Training CenteranddivePro Cancun Dive。Both shops will hook you up as a beginner or an advanced scuba diver.

Yucatan Peninsula & Banco Chinchorro

沿着海岸,远离里维埃拉玛雅的度假村,你沿着哥斯达玛雅队进入伯利兹更安静而传统的加勒比墨西哥。在马哈伊的小渔村,有度假村和潜水商店被称为新金沙线上Dreamtime Dive Resort。This dive shop offers local dive trips to the barrier reef and also occasional trips that can be organized to go to the remote Banco Chinchorro, Mexico's only coral atoll.

No matter where you journey along Mexico's extensive coastline the beauty of Mexico is that the air is almost already warm and the waters are open to scuba diving adventures.

The industry of scuba diving is growing stronger and stronger each year in Mexico's resort regions and even within more remote beach villages, especially along its Pacific coast and Caribbean shores.

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