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部分1: Overview of Scuba Diving in Philippines

Situated south-east of Asia’s mainland, the Philippines boasts over 7100 islands. With so much shore line and biodiversely rich oceans separating the islands, diving in the Philippines has a huge range of opportunities to offer. What makes thePhilippines从其他东南亚潜水目的地脱颖而出的是其有趣的文化和人的混合。英语是菲律宾的非官新金沙线上方第一语言新金沙线上投注,菲律宾语是官方语言,这使得在菲律宾旅游和组织潜水度假活动变得非常容易。

沙丁鱼龙卷风Beaches, lush green mountains and deep blue water is what makes海豚湾the Philippines’ most developed tourism destination. But instead of feeling like a mass tourism town, it has managed to keep a local feel to it. Offering numerous excellent dive sites within minutes’ reach of the beach, Puerto Galera has the highest amount of dive operations in the Philippines. The strong currents in the Verde Island passage make for exciting wall and drift dives for the experienced diver.

长滩岛以其世界级的白色海滩而闻名。粉白色的沙滩和受保护的绿松石水域赢得了世界最佳海滩或最佳岛屿的多项奖项。只有几分钟的步行路程,就可以看到沙质小径和所有你需要的东西,Boracayhas kept a special small island feel. Boracay diving is surprisingly varied for such a small destination, offering dive sites for beginners as well as experienced divers, including reefs, walls and wrecks.

Sunset at the Apo Reef

Diving in宿务岛和保和我s some of the best in the Philippines. With an international airport close by and many world-class dive sites, this area is a popular Philippines dive destination. From Mactan island, day trips and boat dives give access to excellent dive sites like Balicasag island and Pamilican island, with steep coral covered walls and schooling fish life. Bohol specifically is known for abundant macro life.

Lizardfish swallows a damselfish




Octocorals and Sardines



海豚湾,located at the Verde Island channel with deep waters and strong currents, has some exciting wall dives for experienced divers. Canyons, often named as one of the best dives in Puerto Galera, is such a dive. Three canyons run 30 meters deep and are covered in gorgonians and pink soft coral, attracting lots of fish life. Suitable for all levels, Hole in the Wall is a great site for underwater photographers. There is a swim through and lots of marine life like Parrotfish, Snapper, trumpetfish, pufferfish, frogfish and little critters.

Mating Mandarins

Many Boracay dives are only a 5 to 10 minute boat ride away and there is something for every level and every season. For experienced divers only, Yapak 1 and Yapak 2 are two different walls that start at 30 meters and drop off to 70 meters. These are the places to go to see larger marine life like grey and white-tip reef sharks, tuna, jacks, snapper and triggerfish. Crocodile Island is a beautiful all-level dive site with healthy sloping reef. This Boracay dive site teems with fish life, from macro critters to reef fish. Lionfish, Sweetlips, scorpionfish and boxfish are frequent visitors here.




Sea Turtle


Philippine dive destinations are easy to get to due to the many airports, bus and ferry systems around the islands. Manila and Cebu both have international airports that can function as a gateway into thePhilippines. Since English is widely spoken, travel arrangements and bookings are easy to make.

To dive Puerto Galera, divers need to travel from Manila by bus to Batangas Pier, where the ferry leaves to Puerto Galera. Upon arrival, divers can choose between many dive resorts and dive centers. Located in Sabang Beach is La Laguna beach club & dive center, a PADI 5 star instructor development center. They offer high standard dive training, boat dives and speak a wide range of languages. For divers that have independent accommodation, Action Divers gets great reviews and is one Puerto Galera’s most well-established dive centers. They offer dive and stay packages, recreational and technical diving courses, liveaboards and daily boat dives.

Sea anemone and clown

Boracay is reached by boat from Caticlan. The fastest way to get here is by air from Manila - alternatives are Kalibo or Roxas- and by bus to Caticlan from there. Calypso Dive Center is a 5 star PADI IDC center and National Geographic dive center. They have excellent training facilities and offer courses, fun dives and dive safaris. Their stylish Calypso Resort is located at White Beach and is a good choice for a comfortable Boracay dive holiday. White Beach Divers is a well-established dive center located at the south of Boracay, offering dive courses, day trips, and multiple-day safaris. They have an onsite hotel and bar.


Mactan-Cebu international airport gives easy access to the best diving in the Cebu and Bohol area. To get to Bohol, travelers need to take a ferry from Cebu port. Close to the airport on Mactan island is Kontiki Divers, a PADI 5 star dive resort with a house reef. Situated in Alona Beach on the small island of Panglao, Philippine Fun Divers has easy access to Balicasag Island. On Bohol, Blue Star Dive Resort makes for a quiet and relaxed dive resort, away from the crowds, with excellent diving at the doorstep.


The Azores, a liveaboard vessel owned by the Atlantis, has routes to several excellent Philippines diving areas, including Bohol and Tubbataha reef. For divers wanting to cover some distance and get a maximum amount of dives, a liveaboard is the best way to dive the Philippines.


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