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sands金沙游戏官网 Advice on Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera, Philippines

49个新金沙线上潜水网站3.0.Dive Shops

Part 1: Overview of Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera, (Philippines)

Lush green mountains surrounded by breath taking blue oceans, there is a good reason Puerto Galera grew out to be on of the Philippines’ most developed beach destinations. The great diving, white sandy beaches, swaying palmtrees and bustling nightlife all make Puerto Galera an ideal place for a dive holiday. However, what really sets Puerto Galera apart is that it has managed to keep a local charm and is free of chain-businesses and mass tourism. With tons of good dive sites within minute’s reach from the beach, Puerto Galera boasts the highest amount of dive operations in the Philippines.

Mindoro island is separated from Luzon island by the Verde Island passage. This deep and clear passage can have strong currents, but make for exciting dives for experienced divers with the right knowledgeable dive guide. As the five kilometers of foreshore are marine protected area, Puerto Galera diving teems with marine life. From larger fish and pelagic species to small macro critters, Puerto Galera boasts over 3000 species of fish and close to 450 species of coral.

Diving in Puerto Galera is possible year-round, however, best diving conditions occur between April and September. Water temperatures are nice and comfortable this time of year, counting up to 29 degrees Celsius. Typhoon season runs from August till the end of November which can bring bad weather, but there are always sheltered dive sites that can be dived. Water temperatures can go down to 22 degrees Celsius in December, specifically at the deeper dive sites that have thermoclines.

Travel time from Manila to Puerto Galera is about 5 hours by bus and ferry and transportation is comfortable and frequent. For those travelers with sufficient budget, private transfers can be arranged by ground transportation or by private sea plane. From Puerto Galera, travelers are taken to their resort by local ‘Banca’ boat. Places to stay and dive centers are plentiful in Puerto Galera.

第2部分:Pue新金沙线上rto Galera的潜水网站,海洋生命与环境(菲律宾)

Puerto Galero位于佛得角岛渠道,拥有深水深处,提供强大的电流,提供令人兴奋的潜水机会,体育良好的能见度和许多鱼类行动。新金沙线上大多数潜水新金沙线上地点都在近距离的海滩距离酒店,这使得潜水员可以恢复到地面间隔的土地。对于乐趣潜水和潜水课程来说,价格非常实惠。新金沙线上


An excellent macro dive site, Coral Cove is a sloping reef than ends in a wall at 20 meters. The reef is home to nudibranchs, puffer fish and cuttle fish, whereas the wall overhangs house some interesting creatures like pipe fish, frog fish and ribbon eels.

与深水潜新金沙线上水员潜水训练,鱼缸一世s a must do around Puerto Galera. A blue water descent will bring divers right on top of the Fish Bowl, which is a stadium shaped reef. White tip reef sharks are often sighted here as well as rainbow runners, Tuna and Jacks. After a look at the fish bowl this dive continues to The Canyons, or technical divers can continue down into the bowl and keep exploring.

A dive site for all levels, Hole in the Wall is a great site for underwater photographers. While the swim through is definitely a highlight, there is more to see around this abundant dive site. Parrotfish, Snapper, trumpetfish and pufferfish swim around while frogfish and little critters hide out between the table coral gardens.

第3部分:Pue新金沙线上rto Galera潜水的潜水商店,机场和物流(菲律宾)

想要潜水Puerto Galera的旅行者新金沙线上的充满活力的潜水地点需要从马尼拉乘坐公共汽车和渡轮乘坐5小时车程。Buses leave Manila every morning for Batangas Pier, where the ferry leaves to Puerto Galera. Upon arrival, divers can choose between tons of dive operators. There are basically two ways to go about diving in Puerto Galera, to stay at a dive resort, or to independently book dives.

新金沙线上潜水胜地提供stayi的舒适的选择ng in a hotel with diving right at the doorstep. Sabang beach is a popular part of PueroGalera and has several good dive resorts. Atlantis is one of the area’s premium dive resorts, offering course, fun dives and liveaboards other outstanding dive spots in the Philippines. Tucked away in the hills of a beautiful beach-front location, Atlantis distinguishes itself by providing outstanding service.

Also located in Sabang Beach is La Laguna beach club & dive center. Built around a swimming pool that is ideal for sunbathing and dive training, this resort’s facilities include a bar, satellite TV, a pool table and book exchange. Their dive center is a PADI 5 star instructor development center and offers high standard dive training in a multitude of languages.

Puerto Galerahas many options for accommodation ranging from luxury to local budget accommodation. For divers that have found a place to stay outside a dive resort, there are many independent dive centers to take them diving. Action Divers gets great reviews and is one Puerto Galera’s most well-established dive centers. They offer dive and stay packages, recreational and technical diving courses, liveaboards and daily boat dives.

Sea Rider is small SSI dive center catering mainly to backpackers and argues to have the most affordable dive rates. They specialize in macro diving, do daily night dives and even discovered their own dive site.

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