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Thailand flagScuba Diving in Thailand

198潜新金沙线上水网站3.4.6.Dive Shops104潜新金沙线上水日志

Part 1: Overview of Scuba Diving in Thailand

With a lengthy coastline bordering the Andaman Sea, as well as the泰国海湾那scuba diving in Thailand is big business. Its varied dives sites, mostly saltwater, attract divers from around the world and in all the months of the year. Although Thailand has a monsoon season, there is always scope for diving.

这best months for scuba diving in the Andaman Sea are June to October, but during winter, the Gulf of Thailand is at its best until April. Some specific dive areas, likePattayanear Bangkok, offer some shelter from the harsh rains and winds of the monsoon, and diving months here are slightly longer.



这relatively calm waters that lie between the island and Krabi on the mainland host a range of diving opportunities for beginners as well as the most advanced, blending pretty tidal coral reefs with exhilarating wreck dives. It also acts as a gateway to some of the more challenging dives in Thailand, with speedboat and liveaboard trips leaving daily for Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands.

Home to the exciting attractions of the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary and the vibrant rocky reefs ofRacha Yai,普新金沙线上吉岛的潜水潜水有一个可理解的最值得愉快的声誉。

While the attractions of the Andaman Sea are plentiful, scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand definitely shouldn’t be ignored. The island ofKoh Samui那second largest after Phuket, is a veritable diver’s paradise and also boasts an international airport of its own.Sail Rock那a protruding outcrop jutting 15 meters above sea level, and the magical islands of Koh Yippon, which litter the surrounding waters, all merit a visit.


最好的和最受欢迎的潜水地点s in Thailand are found surrounding the islands that lie off its southern stretch as far south as Krabi, which is still on the mainland. The equatorial waters here give great visibility throughout the year, and beginner’s reef dives are as plentiful and enjoyable as the many off shore wreck dives enjoyed by the most experienced divers. Certification training in Thailand is based almost entirely on PADI courses, and the majority of dive schools training to at least advanced level.


这re are twenty-six National Marine Parks in Thailand, and three of these have been nominated to receive the World Heritage Status.Mu Koh TarutaoMu Koh Similan.andMu Koh Surin那which are all located in the Andaman Sea, are home to plentiful and diverse marine life and have been attracting scuba divers to Thailand since the sport first became popular in the late 1970’s.

Mu Koh Tarutao is an archipelago of 51 islands, which are almost entirely uninhabited. Cave diving here is in the limestone rocky cliffs of the islands’ walls, and relaxing breaks from underwater pursuits are usually enjoyed on the secluded sandy beaches above.

Closer to the mainland, the斯米兰群岛(Mu Koh Similan)也会在常规游览上吸引潜水员。新金沙线上从海床到最高点的花岗岩山脉的范围,周围环绕着生动的珊瑚礁和复杂的生态系统。

它们通常是由Liveaboard Scuba潜水旅行访问的,但也可以通过快艇来潜水或新金沙线上两者来接触它们。新金沙线上这三个国家海洋公园的最后一个,穆酸苏林,拥有着名的潜水网站,里德利鲁岩石。新金沙线上孤立于主苏林群岛的东部,Richelieu的墙壁潜水几乎完全浸没,这里潜水来自漂流船在强大的电流。新金沙线上

In the east, the Gulf of Thailand is also littered with plentiful dive sites. The island of Koh Samui, a party island and popular with tourists, also attracts serious scuba divers to its clear waters. Beach dives are possible around some parts of the northeast, but the majority of dive sites are visited by boat.

新金沙线上这里的潜水网站范围从淹没的墙壁Chumphon Pinnacle.而且帆岩的显着突起,到轻松的珊瑚礁的温和漂移潜水。新金沙线上这里的电流往往相对温和,湾的形成可以从最暴力的天气中提供保护。


Whale sharksand rays are often seen in these waters, and with feeding grounds increasing over the past decade, the chances of spotting these fabulous creatures are becoming more likely.

Part 3: Dive Shops, Airports & Logistics of Diving in Thailand

Diving in Thailand has grown to be the singularly most popular water sport in the country, and even though the majority of dive sites and shops are found in the southern part of the country, it kicked off at Pattaya near Bangkok within easy reach of Thailand’s largest international airport.

Aquanauts Dive Centre在芭堤雅,是该地区最古老的一个,可以说是最受尊敬的。它由英国和荷兰所有者于1996年开放,它运作帕迪courses in all aspects of scuba diving, including a much sought-after month-long instructor internship. As authorized dealers for Scuba-pro, Aqualung and a variety of other big name brands, it offers a comprehensive dive experience suitable for all levels.


Further south in the Gulf of Thailand, the island of酸涛是水上运动爱好者的麦加,所以最受欢迎的潜水学校毫不奇怪,它位于水域边缘。新金沙线上禁令的潜水度假村在Koh Tao海滨地理位置优越,以及五星级潜水学校的地位,它还拥有一些帕迪奖,可实现各种成就。新金沙线上

Best Dive Centre Thailand 2009, Best Dive Centre Asia Pacific Region 2009, and an award for its outstanding contribution to diver instructor training, are only just eclipsed by its acclaimed eco-conscious status; not to mention, PADI President Dr. Richardson awarded it the PADI Green Star in 2009. Easy to reach from the international airport on nearby Koh Samui, It’s one of just a handful of dive centers in Thailand to hold so many awards, making it a popular choice amongst divers.

隐士蟹1  - 潜水255新金沙线上

Despite the roots of scuba diving in Thailand originating towards the north, the Andaman Sea, with its multiple National Marine Parks and enormous variety of dive types, now attracts the majority of the diving population heading to Asia. The island of Phuket, historically known for its picturesque beaches and clear waters, has also developed a large following in the diving community and the main towns are filled with competing dive centers.

Diving trips are well planned here with set routes and dates used by different resorts. And with a real emphasis on the preservation of the natural marine areas across the country, an increasing number of eco dives are offered in the area, designed to protect the fragile coral reefs in the most visited of the National Parks.

Thailand Divers, based at Patong Beach on the island, is a large operation with an endorsement fromNational Geographic. It operates liveaboard trips to all the main outlying dive sites as well as regular PADI courses around the year.

Liveaboards in Thailand

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